Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The answers we'd like to know...

It is believed to be unethical for the starving family with no past, present or future to sell ( pardon me - give for an adoption ) their children in order to save them from certain death - how is it ethical for filthy rich people to sell pictures of their children for money that is not going to add much to their wealth?
[pictures of starving children and filthy rich ones are not posted due to graphical nature of both ]

It is been known for over 70 years that you MUST borrow the stock ( locate it in someone else margin account ) in order to sell it short? Why I get this message from my brokers "This stock is not on the easy to borrow list and cannot be sold short" and Big Guys are not affected? And how appropriate is that SEC Big Smart Boss Mr. Cox wants to invent this rule now? And only for limited number of companies? And small traders can still go and screw themselves?

Why it is illegal for employees of investment related companies who have been forcefully designated as "Access my As.. person" in spite of having no real access ( Thanks God - they still have money left for not using investment advise from their company) to sell stocks short on personal accounts even if they request pre-clearance? And why for crying out loud do they have to "HOLD for AT LEAST 60 days"? Works nicely lately, huh? No married PUTS either? And why non for profit organization's GUIDELINES are been gladly accepted by all compliance departments?

Do you really want any of the past, present or future Presidents?
Someone forgot "Vote AGAINST" choice on the ballot?
Are not we glad that no money needed to run and elections cannot be doctored?
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Are you going to send Jimmy "you been served" postcard for all good advise he is getting paid for?
Wildcatters and other schizophrenic buy-buy-buy's

Do we still have USA Armed Forces in Europe? Do they still have bullets for 5 days? Is it still very expencive to keep them there?

Did you know that we still fighting the war in Afghanistan? What "Afghanistan"?

Do you really think that this real time letter will ALWAYS BE FREE?
Do you?

Do you feel lucky?

How is THIS for prediction?

Is this bounce going to last?