Monday, July 07, 2008

Bye-bye Fast Money A.K.A. Market Bottom?

Is not it amazing how repeatable history is?
Back in the midst of 2000-2002 bear market Larry and Jimmy suddenly disappeared from TV into the thin air, now CNBC takes 8PM Fast Money show off air all in a sudden?

Go away in peace - you will NOT be missed and take the Bear with you ( also, PLEASE, take off the air extremely bullish as of June 5th Peter Costa trader - his "expert" opinion just a waste of bandwidths, Dennis Kneale who is right twice a day just like a broken watches and a lot of other REALLY-REALLY annoying and not-so-helpful so called experts )

Or, may be, just may be, leave them ON and glue a Post-It with "FADE" written on it to their foreheads.