Monday, July 21, 2008

Working on railroads (BNI),(CSX),(UNP)

Was going through the charts, feeling lazy ...again, there was something that caught my attention - I think railroads (BNI),(CSX),(UNP) are ready to go higher, I might be buying in tomorrow.

Crazy market, what else is new...(AAPL), (AMX), (TXN)...list goes on - what a fiasco ( was it unexpected?...yeah..right) with earning releases.
Somehow got stuck with 1/5 of (XLF) Aug22 calls, it is "free money" now, but still - unforgivable oversight of not selling first thing in the morning. (QQQQ) small calls positions will take a hit tomorrow...bought (AAPL) @149.4 AH and (AXP) @36.80 - will dump tomorrow in pre-market.
Long calls ( TIE), (DNDN), (SIGM), (AMLN), (CIEN), (CPSL), (TSO),(UNG),(ZOLT) - will get slammed tomorrow... what else is new - that is a killer market, you either quick or you dead.
On (APPL) - that thing got no bottom, will have to sell no matter what - another impulse trade