Thursday, July 31, 2008

Never try to catch a falling knife - (TIE)

That is unless you have clear understanding why you REALLY want to do that and know precisely "where and when you want to catch it" and "where and when you will swallow your pride and get out with a loss"

One such trade I am very close to take is - going long (TIE) - that is a very scary hopeless slide you see on the chart.
( I did quick long trade in (TIE) few days ago - it was sent out in "extras letter" )

May be as soon as tomorrow - under these conditions
1. It will NOT close ABOVE 11.85
2. It will not close below 10.19
3 Volume will not be way above average
preferred entry price is 10.70 - 11.40

I WILL close that trade if:
1. Price will fall over 80c from tomorrow's close
2. Trade will not move in my favor within next 2 weeks

These are basic conditions - there are few more I will be watching for before I buy in