Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Answering emails and Subscription status update.

Among different emails I am getting there is a very disturbing number of emails with the very same question:
"Why, since you have such a success rate with calling markets/sectors reversals you are not profiling more individual stocks trading ideas?"

Here is my answer, if it is not obvious:
"If market/sectors is in the vicious selloff - even the best stock picker's attempt to go long on the best in the world stock is destined to lose money and cause frustration and mental blindness when it is time to pick another trade.
Figuring where/when markets are going is far more difficult multidimensional puzzle solving of which leads to greater and more consistent profits.

Also, I do NOT recommend ANY TRADES nor endorse trading based on market views expressed on this site - this is my personal, publicly available trade preparation information, I use it for my own trading, I do NOT sell any advise ( though I am happily answering tons of emails daily in expense to my personal quality time). Some people who know how much research goes into information on this site are regularly contributing via PayPal, but that is NOT required to be able to read this site.

As an additional "perk" I have provided for a long time "Free Real Time Email" with updates to this site delivered straight into your mailbox right when it was posted and extra intraday email not available on this site.

This "Free Real Time Email" will NO LONGER be free, anyone wishing to continue to recieve real time emails will have to subscribe at a monthly price of $21.50 beginning August 1st. This amount is peanuts compared to amounts of money some people lose on the regular basis, like they say "saving a nickel losing a dollar".
Regular site contributors need not to worry about "subscribing" - you will continue to recieve emails - actually if "regular contributors" will choose to subscribe - I will LOSE money :)

RSS site feeds will be REMOVED on August 1st as well, no "My Yahoo" or "FeedBurner", just plain ole site to see by visiting it 20 times a day to find updates faster.

As a free alternative I will try to work out a deal with "Fast Money", "Mad Money" e.t.c so you would be able to watch those shows ABSOLUTELLY FREE and make money by FADING their ideas and listening for "PAST TENSE" explanations "why THAT happenED and how they KNEW about it ALL ALONG".

Thank you
P.S. I'd like to thank those who have chosen not to wait till "cut off date/August 1st" and already subscribed - that will ease up transition on a large scale.