Thursday, July 10, 2008

As (GE) goes so goes the market?

As (GE) Earnings release rapidly approaching, only one night away I ask myself this question - why, oh why (except for ER expectations) stock of the company having at least 40% of business in financial segment, having exposure in every possible sector all around the world, why oh why stock of that company quietly moving up last 2 weeks when entire market is in dismay and despair? And the only logical answer would be ( in my books at least ) - it is signaling turnaround. Ii it?
Take a look at this chart ( 2 charts really - monthly and weekly ), pay attention to "predictive counts" signaling change of direction.
( Green "9" on monthly is a "buy" point, "red 9" is a "sell", on weekly it is the same, plus "13 count" signals major change of trend )
Could be that we are about to witness sudden and "unexpected" rally?

(this is a HUGE chart - you better have plenty of desktop space ready)

P.S. It is sad that I will not be able to pay enough attention to development of this story tomorrow morning - my mother had CATscan and results were not so great - the "C" word is taking over - will spend the day in the hospital with her.