Wednesday, March 03, 2010

While the Cat is Away....

First order of business today: It's Inna's birthday! Happy Birthday to our favorite TICK VIX guy! We hope today's little afternoon sell-off was just what you wished for. Gosh, Inna, earlier today I thought about the first time I ever saw one of your posts on ES and realized how much time has passed. You are a total pleasure to trade with, and although we only know you virtually, I’m sure we’d all be proud to call you friend in real life too. Happy Birthday, dear buddy.

Anyway... it's been months since our Russian boss took some time off, and we cheer his departure because he knew it might help any of our short positions. No, he doesn't like all the lunar (loony) stuff we discuss sometimes in here, but he has his own particular superstitions I suppose, and if this is one of them, we are eternally grateful, Boss. Please don't leave your PCLN profits on the table in Atlantic City, that's all we ask. Being the superstitious type that I am sometimes, the last time we celebrated some birthdays in here was in late October, and DDT was away then too… and it proved to be a very good week for us! I like this coin-ki-dink very much! P.S. DDT, how can we miss you if you won’t go away? ;-)

On tomorrow's economic calendar: Before the bell: Chain Store Sales, Monster Employment Index, Jobless Claims, Productivity & Costs, RBC Cash Index and the 30 Yr Bond Announcement. At 10:00: Factory orders and Pending Homes Sales, followed at 10:30 by the Nat Gas Report (go Big and Mau!) At 11:00 3 & 6 mo., 52 W, 3 YR note and 10 YR note. At 1:00 Dennis Lockhart will speak. Don't forget (as if) Unemployment numbers before the bell on Friday and Consumer Credit at 3:00 PM. Let's trade!

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For our FX traders tonight, Inna gathered up the schedule to keep in mind.


And one more Happy Birthday to the President of the TICK VIX.

Good luck tonight traders!

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