Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I hate that clown…


Before you will proceed to torturing your better selves listening to my mumbling and trying to make any sense of what I intended to say – I'd like to say this:


As most of you know I strongly oppose bringing opinions from outside world (those not belonging to posters themselves) into TTW. 

Firstly – there are NO market forecasters who are always or even consistently right – period.  One of the last standing was McHugh, but … ouhmps – where did he go.  Next up might be someone else, then yet some more.  Unless WE are trading based on OUR OWN analysis we do NOT have conviction to stay with underlying ideas of our trades, we will be waiting for guru to confirm or deny…and guess what… they will postpone "denying" until it is too late to get out of bad trade.  SO, once again – limit posts of self proclaimed gurus especially those who has something to sell or something to hate.

(have you ever counted how much money you did not make because of Karl D or Zero Hedge, Mouldin, Mish Shedlock, President Hoover and alien from Mars  or …a lot of other …fill the blank with bad word of your liking).

The ONLY reason why people are blindly listening for opinion of other people is because they are a. lazy to learn b. want to transfer responsibility.


Repeat after me – market has got nothing to do with common sense, economy, news, people, opinions – especially (I'll stress it again) of those who is selling something…and most of those do sell one thing or another.


To make your life easier tonight – here is a summary of my 2 videos - "Dallas we are going down". How far I have no idea…yet,  and even more then that – I have no clue IF WE ARE GOING DOWN.  Am I making myself clear enough?  Good.

Now – I ( me as myself as a self contained living organism ) am short from today and already hit by jump in /ES 4 points up right after I shorted (as planned) @1165.25. Am I wrong?  Quite possible.  Will I lose?  I might – that is the part of this game.  Would I do anything different than I did today?  No – I would short again based on what DeMark is telling me.   Am I recommending YOU to go short?  No freaking ("George – if you use F word go for the gold…") way – I am not recommending anything to anyone – you all are skilled enough to lose your own money.  All I am doing here is  hanging around with other traders who (as I thought for a while) wanted to learn more about DeMark, but still afraid to ask (or most likely very disappointed that it does not work 100% or with 100% price precision)







P.S. Someone suggested: "Since people don't care about exploring sponsored links and in general really annoyed by ads - may be you have to password protect this site and just charge $5 per month from everyone". 

Good idea?

3,247 unique visitors as of this very minute – good idea?  Poll open…kind of…

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