Thursday, March 25, 2010

Stepping back (I heard it somewhere!?)

[immature language advisory]

I took a nap and see what have you done???
As I said before - if shit does not change by the end of this week (and SPX 1180 was pretty much the last up target I could accept before correction) - I am on cash and on "silent vacation"


I feel like back in 1999 when my accounts lost 10% in one day, like I was run over by 800lbs gorilla - that, truth to be said, how I feel today (other than feeling dumbed and numbed)

SO, I will STFU for now till the end of the day or feels really sick
and even MORE SICK it feels to look at "GURU Bull chartists" whose ONLY credit was to continue to chart IN THE DIRECTION of the trend (MISSING every single correction on the way OR predicting corrections that never materialized) - these people still might continue to chart "long" all the way to the bottom.

See you all in a while (I will do NO post till AT LEAST Sunday, and I am NOT asking K. to do any posts, but it is up to her) - I think this blog has to find its way somehow - there were a lot of correct opinions (as oppose to my wrong ones), but people who had something to say either were too "opinionated" communicating it or too shy to make the point. (not blaming anyone, just sad that the truth got lost behind blog wars and sarcasm)

So, lets cut the shit and call "bullish" bullish, and "bearish" bearish, and short short and "long" long - not even speaking of losing common sense communicating among ourselves we are causing a lot of confusion for new readers.

Lets stop AnalYzing WHY market goes in the direction it does, we want to talk politics, fairness and all other non productive crap? – I am all for it….just NOT HERE.  This kind of talk ignites fire really fast and influence weak minds like mine very easily (I am getting all pissed off and ready to go on the the street and lay down in front of the tanks and that kind of shit does not help to make money)

When I come back, there will be some "organizational" changes coming to how blog operates, but we'll talk about it later.  (At least as oppose to Mole I am stating that blog will be closed for just 27 minutes :)))


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Correction: DISQUS is not "acting up", but completely  dead
WHat a peace of fecal

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