Thursday, March 18, 2010

Is it Friday Yet?

"Individually we are a drop. Together we are an ocean." - Ryunosuke Satoro

One more day of this OPEX stuff to get through, but we're almost there now. My apologies for being more quiet than usual today, but I was doing some teamwork with another trader. One thing, and it's something our wise Osi mentioned today... we really do have some fantastic team traders on this blog, who pick up the slack when some of us can't pitch in. JoeyN was a chart posting maniac today and Joey- it did not go unnoticed. ;-) We were also gifted with yet another Osi creation, and if you missed it please see the link provided below, and don't forget to give him feedback if it helps your trading. Osi, you are an incredibly generous human being. Thanks for everything you do!


Osi’s Market Noise Indicator for TOS

Alrighty then.. here are several charts, and a new one to look over. If you’re interested in looking at the core holdings of the XII chart featured below, you’ll find them here. Good trading tomorrow TTWrs. I’m told to only speak of bullish things, but this is mixed company and I think the word that goes with bullish best is banned. :-)

iwm_3_18_b spx_3_18 xlf_3_18
smh_3_18 xle_3_18 xlu_3_18
gdx_3_18 xlb_3_18 xii_3_18


See you all tomorrow for one more round ….

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