Thursday, March 18, 2010

Safe Market post

Stock market edged up yesterday in continued uptrend.  Today market will most definitely move up, down or sideways.  Someone will make money and more people will lose money - if that would be any different - that would not be market.  As it stands AFTER yesterday's close we are in the wave of "abcdef" of 'xyz' of {pimp} of [123] over (~#@) under \\shit\\.
New wave count will be presented AFTER market close when it will be completely useless, but 100% correct - just like all "Safe Market Predictions" - AFTER THE FACT.

Trade well.

Economic news for today

Weekly Bill Settlement

Elizabeth Duke Speaks7:30 AM ET

Jobless Claims
8:30 AM ET

Federal Reserve Bank presidents Speaks8:30 AM ET

Current Account
8:30 AM ET

Elizabeth Duke Speaks11:30 AM ET
Money Supply
4:30 PM ET

P.S. Please READ Osikani's post on "Market Noise" and try
"Osi's Market Noise indicator" for TOS

Osi says: "Explore offerings of TTW sponsors - it is very BULLISH!!!"
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