Monday, March 08, 2010

Lead, follow or lose it all

Way of the TURTLE

The secret is being as short term or as long term as you can stand, depending on your trading style.  It is the intermediate term that picks up the vast majority of trend followers.  The best strategy is to avoid the middle like a plague.

Richard Dennis

Intraday moves of "historical" magnitudes.
Hourly collapses of Gargantua's proportions.
Symmetries and ass wipes on 3min charts.
Mercury and moon butts.
"I did say it goes lower and it did…it is only higher by 10% now…"
"Do you see that rectangle area? Yes – right there…up your ass. Why will it be symmetrical?  Why should it be? 'Cause I am who I THINK I am and I know Jack".
Make believe.
34 min chart if 30 does not satisfy.
DeMark failed THIS time – let use black cat's pee..damn – DeMark just started to work…
What I said today is black, but I will call it white tomorrow – I cannot admit of being wrong and duality is my savior.

Where are the PLANS???

"If market does this I will do that" – where is that?
What would happened if all people acted similarly on "day job"?

Right…everyone is FIRED

Now, few charts of (SPY) and (/ ES)and I don't even want to explain what I see there…

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