Friday, March 12, 2010

"This time" it is different – always is

We learned our lessons from the prior bear markets / crashes / tulips-O-manias, we are ruled by "I said so" good Obama and driven to fiat prosperity by "I learnt it all on paper [never mind people]" Boryspol's Ukrainian who missed central planning times 'cause parents were smart and left before it started.  We have new ways, more tools, economy's engine [mis]firing on all [leftover] cylinders after all working ones where shipped to slave labor countries with incomparable level of life, salaries, and college degrees bought for few pounds of rice, but we'll call it free trade (that is when a-holes from corporations are free to trade their countrymen' humane existence for 30 trillions silver coins in theirs gambling buddies packets)
But we are the biggest, the best, the greatest, the most powerful… propaganda HYPE ever created… just like that biggest in the world "Russian" plane. 
(If you believed that that plane exists, even for a split second – then you are one of the sheeple who believe that "everything is fine" and you should NOT be reading this blog ever again).  Nothing, but a sad JOKE…

Back to stocks, futures, options...boring stuff ... yo no... 
Today's action was nothing to write home about, though it was more in line with my expectation of next week selloff – Setup Sells completed on a lot of ETFs/Indexes on highest high bar 9, a lot of individual stocks are ripe for shorts, below are 3 new positions I opened today (all via long puts).  Have a great weekend, enjoy what you still have and shall have always, no matter how bad economy is – your families.  Like they say: "Family FIRST"

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