Tuesday, March 02, 2010

(PCLN) – not a laughing matter…just short


Watching today's tape was worse than water torture, but I avoided big part of auto de fé by taking care of my health – I climbed treadmill and spent way more time climbing it than I usually do.

Instead of usual - "switch ON" - "switch OFF" incredibly difficult exercise – I actually extended self mutilation to "insert safety plug and push START button"

After verifying that treadmill still works (I don't get to see it working often) I went back to the market watching and all of a sudden decided to do what PriceLine (PCLN) teaches us to do – I named my own price for PriceLine stock and boy oh boy it was NOT $245, nooo Sir.  Based on the chart you see below (and daily as well, but I felt that posting daily chart just to show itsy bitsy dojitsy will not jjstify my extra energy spent – I'd rather waste my energy misbehaving on "OPB" which is not the same as "OPM")

So, here is the chart that caused me to name $220 via puts price



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