Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cyclical Bull within a Secular Bear Market

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This is how secular bears work. They are not 17 years of falling prices, but 17 years of sideways grinding punctuated by a serpentine meandering cyclical-bull-then-cyclical-bear cycle. Companies and stock markets don’t cease to exist just because people are scared, life and the economy always march on.

Adam Hamilton, CPA



(SPX) S&P500 "bigger picture"


Not much on the economic calendar for tomorrow – the key event is Big Job Report on Friday where rulers will proudly announce that economy turned around on the bones of insignificant non-tycoons.  What day can be better for good picture than Good Friday!  Don't forget – Pesach AKA Passover starts tomorrow night – volume this week will be light…ehh…EVEN LIGHTER…


Personal Income and Outlays
8:30 AM ET


4-Week Bill Announcement
11:00 AM ET


3-Month Bill Auction
11:30 AM ET


6-Month Bill Auction
11:30 AM ET



Complements of Lloyd – he wishes everyone to be as well off as he is – that is the G_d's work he does…makes everyone really wealthy…him…himself…his wife…children…his relatives…him…himself…


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