Sunday, December 06, 2009

“You get out there and give 110%”


Our tireless paparazzi team has obtained never seen before photograph of
Stainless Steel Hamster
He looks and acts as crazy as he writes and since today [Sunday] is his Birthday stop by at EvilSpeculator and wish him well.

[If you prefer to treat that photo as an official BLS Unemployment report – you will make no mistake by doing so]

$DXY (/DX)
Happy to report that all Two Ply Dollar needed was few insults by yours truly, that was the last drop and voila – Friday we had one of the biggest dollar moves up since start of decline in the beginning of the March of 2009.  Now – if you expect stock market to start falling off the cliff on stronger dollar – be real, not going to happen.  In the bad economy stock market and currency are inversely correlated, but in [possibly] improving economy – sound currency is an added benefit.  But since I am not a long term trader – I am just happy that 74.10+ long trade worked out so well (and , of course, I am mad as hell for not taking the gold short trade I’ve been advocating just 2 days ago based on that weird “3 days chart”!)

So much contradicting noise on very respectful blogs – it can be expressed in just few words: “What is going on? I/we have no idea/we might go up/go down/stay/changing opinion, but…/why do we even bother”
Don’t blame nobody (pardon my double negative), but is serves as a very good explanation why I DO NOT READ ANYBODY.
THEY ALL KNOW NOTHING, PERIOD. (Including me, of course)
Have a plan, trade the plan, have your exit plan always.

Here is what I think: “How the hell do I know????”
Joking – I know…it just might change fast.

Possible down wave sequence was canceled – refer to Thursday’s post 36 minutes chart (no wonder there – a lot of 1-2s are chimeras, but IF caught correctly – very profitable ones with nice 3-5 ride)

Here is a pure speculation of what might happen on Monday (first move down is due to multiple sell setups into the close on Friday, next move up – to build possible 1-2 of down sequence)
Overall, it is quite possible that bulls and bears will be very disappointed with range bound trading till New Year, unless dollar trade will pick up steam (squeeze) – then it’ll be a totally different ballgame.


(IYR) - “we are out of the woods” short

And here comes the daily doze of good news!

And last, but not least, I, as an expert on government lying to citizens and pimping propaganda BS (I am from former USSR after all)  – the answer I’d like to know:

“What loser propagandist moron teacher drilled/trained Christina Romer?” (THAT woman is PRESIDENTIAL ADVISER – watch that video and tell me – HOW TF is she QUALIFIED to “ADVISE”?????)

I am not even asking how low IQ of John Q. Public is that she is allowed anywhere near “advising”

And, would not you agree that interview below was most likely coached by the same person?  Wait…is that the SAME PERSON???

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