Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas

and a very Happy

New 2010 Year

to you and your


From today till after New Year’s Eve postings on this lonely blog may suffer inside interruptions, hardened irregularities, unscheduled fountains of nothing and delays lasting longer than 4 hours. 

P.S. If any of the “regulars” is anxious to waste his/hers Holiday time on writing post for TTW community – just let K. or me know

P.P.S. Finally the ad I liked – the guy (Shawn Penn) rolls the ribbon of dollars over the floor
First 700B “Wall St Bailout”
Next 600B “Stimulus”
Then 200B EUR – European Bailout
last (and least) 3B to help starving children

Like George Carlin used to say:
“We have war on everything, but not on poverty – no money in it”
DDT here
Dec 23rd 4:40PM EST – cannot get enough of it.
Tell me – does this chart make any sense whatsoever?  Looks like PERFECT trading chart (and not only in hindsight, there is a rule to that madness)


Chart above - there is a catch 22 and question (may be I called it "feedback" not quite appropriately) would be:
1. What are the points of origins for Fibonacci retracements and Fans (it has to do with DeMark stuff, but not Sequential.
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