Monday, December 07, 2009

If it was not hard enough…



ThinkOrSwim after [as always] highly hyped OR according to TOS “highly anticipated” new “regular software release” decided to mess with user setting and all in a sudden I lost every single drawing I have placed on hundreds of charts during extended period of time (obviously that is their programmers idea of “liberation”).

So, my trading hands have been cut off and I feel real angry and I have a black wish and I am really about to “hit the pillow”, but I know I will NOT feel better. 

In the past I was silly enough to recommend TOS on multiple occasions, as of today – I would not recommend it to my enemies (and not only because of this particular case, but generally because of their attitude “Not Our Fault”)



Therefore, I only present you with one chart, (BIIB), it is a short solely based on DeMark TDSetup Sell and in the past it obeyed to such with 70% hit rate.  I might go long Jan 2010 ITM puts…might



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