Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Setting Goals

Hey... even this guy had a goal that day while loading up his bag. It seems we're all on the same page to set at least one new goal for the 2010 trading year and this was sparked by Osi last night when he posted, "

The Proposed DeMarkian Project
Let us start a project to create a master list of DeMarkian stocks. When I can, I will post these, and we vote on which are truly DeMarkian. We will go until we get about 120 stocks which will be the master list, scanned everyday for which have been perfected.”

We're up for the challenge, Osi! There is nothing better, and for that matter more fun that finding some specific focus and it seems we're all on board to do this. Obviously the holidays are going to put a crimp in it for some of us until we get that out of the way, but that won't stop anyone else who's ready to dive into the dumpster right here, right now. The gauntlet has been thrown,and we don’t even need Arnold to pump us up- we’re pumped for a great profitable year ahead!   Here is DDT’s Google Doc Template in the meanwhile. There is no slow time of the year for traders, only slow tapes. That’s the time to take advantage of a lull to prepare to battle.  If you missed DDT’s chart on VIX, take a long look at it now:

Nothing much else to say today because to be honest, my own focus is waning while I prep to take off early tomorrow morning for the holiday. I'll be back on Sunday night unless the weather holds me hostage. I wish you all a very happy Christmas, and for those of you not celebrating, I wish you all a restful weekend while the rest of us wear ourselves out silly for a one day event. Who's smarter here? ;-) I'd just like to say one little sappy thing too.... you have all been a gift this year, IMHO. You really are the gift that keeps on giving and you're not taken for granted around here.  DDT, that goes for you too.  Your generosity to let us come here every day to trade and play has been an absolute joy for all of us, and a complete privilege for me to post and share every day. Okay... and one more sappy song too. Hey! It's Christmas, cut me some slack. I'm not a fan of Country Muzak, but this song always brings me to tears and brings it all into big time focus. Did you know some soldiers are also traders too? They’re good too- they understand what fear is and how to face it. If you guys read this, just want you to know we’re thinking about you and your families too. See you all on Sunday, I will miss you all ‘til then… and thank you again for everything you all do around here.  Peace and virtual hugs to you all.

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