Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Fly Me to the Moon

Wednesday finds the $RUT going parabolic in terms of the rest of the tape, with $TRANS also outperfoming. As we watch the intraday moves I thought I'd draw your eyes to what's going on with the trannies, and airline sector in particular. Thanks for that reminder MoneyFarm. Oddly enough, it appears that $BDI is making a pullback, so that's also worth a look and something to stay aware of as a potential early signal for any correction. I'm making this short and sweet this afternoon as I have to take off for a lunch out, and will be back for the afternoon session.

As mentioned by one of our posters, always follow your own trading rules and system. That said, what we do that is extremely special on TTW is compare notes constantly with our various methodologies and forecasts as a group, but take our trades as individuals. Let's keep it up because we all benefit from all observations, and that is the purpose of a trading forum afterall, or we would just be sitting in our own little corners talking to the wall. ;-) Good trading to you today!

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