Friday, December 04, 2009

Every Time the Opening Bell Rings....

... a good trader gets their wings. What a great week, even though we had our highs and lows in more ways than one. I always hate to sound so cynical because by nature I'm really so optimistic I make my own self sick... but I learned a long time ago to think like the person on the other side of the trade and how they're gaming to take my money. As mentioned several times today, there were some signs that all is not what it might appear to be in the land of green shoots and holiday cheer. It's seems there was a wee bit 'o distribution going on. So when that bell rings on Monday (or Sunday night for you futures and FX traders) let's be ready to put on the wings and make some money. Before I escape for awhile to go through my boxes of holiday decorations and untangle a few hundred miles of Christmas lights, I thought I'd share good old Macy's with you, as well as Osi's EOD chart to remind us of where we left off this week and where we're going into the next week. Enjoy your weekend and holidays be it Chanukah or Christmas festivities, and please share your charts and ideas over the weekend if the mood strikes you. Thanks everybody for not only a profitable week, but also just a good time amongst like-minded traders. Also, if you have time this weekend to kill, here is the link shared by Otterby earlier on Person’s Pivots. Thanks Otterby!

Osi’s charts



Merry Christmas from Macy’s


“… I know nobody knows where it comes, where it goes,

I know it’s everybody’s sin, you gotta to

lose to know how to win.” Dream on TTWrs.


DDT Here, Sunday 9AM EST

As Trader Steve fairly noted the title of this post belongs to this movie (as oppose to our favorite Macy’s mention in honor of “Miracle on 34th Street”):



Thank you Steve!

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