Monday, December 28, 2009

“Looking Back OR Forgotten opportunities” - (NRG)



While our friend “Crowe” is keeping himself busy with top secret project “DM9” – I’d like to  use a chance for slightly higher level of attention to my, yet another, ingenious idea, than I can get during highly active market.


Before I introduce this idea I would have to look at the rear view mirror, which I hate to do – we all are so selectively smart in the hindsight, but I really have to do that to illustrate the “practical need” for…but history first.


On the night of October 16th (yes, during that famous “rectusangle on SPX” when we, at least, most of us, tried to trade direction of the market overlooking individual stocks’ action) I wrote in my “trading journal” (you really need to see my trading journal – it is state of the art magnificent achievement of organizational science – and I never paid a dime for that – all I need is ANY ENVELOPE from yet another bill) – “NRG – go long Nov 27 puts tomorrow on the open”.



Next day this particular part of my trading journal was used as a stand for hot cup of coffee and then, as always, it has gotten out of the way to the place where all pages of my trading journal go till I throw them away – behind the screen of my laptop.  Today I finally wiped dust from the table and found this “page” and a lot of other  no less profitable pages – IF I remembered about their existence.


In the best traditions of Jerome K. Jerome’s “Three Men in a Boat” I tried to talk to another Dave and point to the funny part of situation such as “while you were busting your ass chasing “big move on the indexes” you could have made a lot of $$$ by looking behind your laptop once every other day”. 


Somehow I have not found any of that funny and therefore I decided to ask TTWinners: “Would creation of public Google Spreadsheet where everyone has own sheet with stock ideas coming and going on/off the list, would such idea have practical value for TTW community?” (So many good traders, great ideas, a lot of time goes into research – can we put it to good use somehow?)


IF after discussion we will find it useful I might be able to plug it right into the blog at the very bottom, so everyone may have constant access.

Of course, in this case, people like me would have to remember about that spreadsheet…yeah… sure…


P.S.  If any smart ass will point out that I was on the cruise till October 20th and it was absolute impossibility to write down anything on any envelope on my table at my house – I will take great pleasure in banning his/hers “Nick/email/IP” forever – I am telling a story HEA* just to make a point!

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