Tuesday, December 29, 2009

3 is one cool number! (CBAK)


Sometimes, we really have to slice and dice and flip and turn and toss and … you know what I am talking about – you’ve done it many times, don’t even bother to say “no, we did not” – we all did, when we don’t see what we think might be “there”

On 12/10/2009 I posted quick note on XING and CBAK (I just searched if I stole the glorious idea from someone – nope, no other people as I can see posted anything about CBAK on Disqus)


DavidDT 12/10/2009 11:40 PM
looked over few charts (no, did not break PC and not going to stop trading...yet)
longs - XING and CBAK

  • Leisa 12/11/2009 08:07 AM in reply to DavidDT
    HPJ is also in the space of CBAK....It is one of the many rocketships that I jumped off!

    I went further at the expense to look like a fool and pressed CBAK over cell phone email sent to Keirsten on 12/14/2009

    We all know what happened today (well, I had CBAK in my “secondary” account – so, I just found out that I had nice lotto ticket – plays like that keep me interested)

    Now, WHY I kept pondering CBAK and what was so special about it on the first place?

    Well, first of all – it is junk, POS company, just like thousands of companies stocks of which double and triple when market nearing tops on low volume – retail and boiler room shops having fun.  Look at the last days of 2007 – from $4 to almost $7 in the blink of an eye, I know – history does not repeat, but…sometimes it does

    Next, weekly chart was a beauty in the eyes of DDT:
    Completed TD Countdown Buy (AND new TD Buy Setup as well) AND right at the area of prior TDST (Hell YES – they do act as support/resistance lines long after they have been crossed few times already).
    Worth noting – that TDST line was from initially “non perfected” setup – perfection was achieved quite brutally in the beginning of March.
    Anyhow – weekly – BUY – check mark.

    2009-12-29_2123 trading off daily chart would put us in the poorhouse, but then again – why would we be  trading daily if weekly provided wider DTRL incompatible with daily setup? 
    Next – one of my favs – 3 days interval (if you remember 3 days was decision maker on short gold call…which I did not take due to being heavy long dollar at that time
    DavidDT  · http://trading-to-win.blogspot.com/
    12/02/2009 01:55 PM
    for goldbugs
    $YG_F Gold $$
    Posted on Fly Me to the Moon.)
    AND, to be fair – Fujisan posted this on the same day:
    It's interesting that Person is pointing out that Gold would peak tomorrow on Dec 3 (seasonal tendency) in his presentation at TOS right now.
    2009-12-29_2138 Finally – why have I wasted so much time for “horn tooting”?
    There is always another trade we might be able to find by looking at multiple timeframes/correlated sectors – we just need to look hard enough … without forcing it.
    Different topic – Small Cap – (IWM)
    my 2c:  bar 7 (not 6 closed above TDST Res) and sustainable move could be expected if it had happened on bar 3-4.  Also, two consecutive bars after perfecting sell setup closed under TDST Res – signifies loss of momentum.  Thou, we shall not overlook benefiting small cap from strengthening dollar.
    And here is another “3 days” – how ‘bout that 9-13-9 forming??
    2009-12-29_2154 P.S. May be I read too much of DeMark – I am beginning not to understand what I am saying myself
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