Thursday, December 03, 2009

Me love you long time


“Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke today defended the central bank's record and argued to preserve its regulatory powers as Democratic and Republican lawmakers sharply criticized Bernanke and the Fed for serious lapses that contributed to the financial crisis.”


Yeah, OK, have not had that much fun for a very long time – what a show they put up.

Money were returned to rich – they are the owners after all, poor served with free soup in order for them not to revolt (those who have nothing to lose might just be stupid enough to stand up to the tanks), middle class have been “loved long time” (here is the problem – if everyone will have nothing to lose – there might be more people who are just “stupid enough”)


The very same people in Senate who was/is part of all this betrayal of democratic principles now rushing to criticize FED for having too much power that CONgress/Senate let them to have?  And John Q. Public will buy it?  Sure it will – what is he going to do?


Lots of fun indeed, thou there was one part that slightly upset me, that is when Ben Shalomchik (his family is from what became part of Russia in 1918 after all – may be McArthur was right when he jumped out of the window shouting “Russians are coming”) said something like: “None would be able to foresee…blah blah blah”

SO – you are

either STUPID MORON and countless number of people who are LESS economically educated who called disaster in the making back in 2006/2007 (including yours truly) are better suited for serving as FED Chairman


you are so bought that you don’t care what impression you will make on anyone with IQ above single digits.

Make a pick – I, for one, knowing that “hand washes hand” opt for #2.


Back to charts

Short term we have multitude of buy signals completed right into end of day.

Here is 1800tick /es




2009-12-03_1750 Longer term view


And finally weekly – nice rejection of “blue channel upper line”




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