Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Since Mr. Big requested one more bed time story, I will indulge him this much.

”Speaking up for herself after years of silence, Goldilocks confirmed her intent to "sue the pants off" the three bears. "I've undergone years of therapy," said the golden-locked beauty, "I'm sure you can imagine, post-traumatic stress and all."

Goldilocks, who is being represented by attorney Robert Shapiro, filed suit against Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear earlier this week. "My attorney said I have multiple grounds for my case," explained the blonde. "First, Papa's porridge was so hot that it gave me blisters of the mouth. Secondly, you may recall that Baby Bear's chair broke into pieces when I sat in it, clearly a homeowner's liability issue. And of course, there's the obvious stress of being awakened and chased away by three hungry bears. I can't leave out the total humiliation of hearing my story told over and over throughout the years."

After his attorneys explained that Goldilocks had a rock solid case against them, Papa Bear said, "We should have eaten that little brat when we had the chance."

The moral of the story? Eat or be eaten. It’s as simple as that! I’m posting up some potential trades for tomorrow (and beyond if they stick,) but trade at your own peril as always, and please do your own due diligence and re-read the disclaimer if you haven’t already over to the right of your screen. There isn’t a short in the bunch, and it pains me sometimes to say this, but… we have to trade what they give us, right? Okay. These are charts I love (chearts) that include after hours price action on them, with my own random notes, etc. Hopefully this will encourage you to hunt down something profitable for tomorrow as well. Good trading tomorrow, and don’t let the bed bugs bite. I will be away for the next several days, but will check in when possible.

adtn_lg_4_13 adtn_sm_4_13
AMD_4_13 twi_4_13
ceco_4_13_002 coco_4_13

.. and now a song with the name of another tale…

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