Friday, April 09, 2010

Daily Range Projection 04/09/10

2010-04-09_0727 2010-04-09_0728
2010-04-09_0728_001 2010-04-09_0729
2010-04-09_0730 2010-04-09_0732

We will not make any additional comments that based on today's projected ranges market has one way to go which is down – because we finally wised up and don't want to be ass-ociated with negative bearish people who have read more than Harry Potzer.

Since there is no Crook-o-nomic "news" today and SOME of you might have some sense of humor derived not from cliché TV phrases stamped on your forehead – you might enjoy this great read (Be forewarned – it sounds "bearish" or "negative"…because it was written by someone smarter than myself. The authors of this blog do not support bearish/smart POV expressed herein, since they are decidedly delta neutral and market bullshit…or – is it "bullish"?  )

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We have grown truth impaired. 'Courage' is now a perfume brand. 'Integrity' sounds like a foreign word. We elect and celebrate liars. We are hooked on deceit since 20th century 'papa ganda' figures - Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao - rammed lies through our throat. We got stuffed, and they got foie gras d'idiot. The 20th century destroyed dignity!

DDT here 2:55PM
I am broadcasting this from the last standing bastion of free market (they are getting close, they got ZH, Mole is not talking any sense lately, TK has been useless forever…now it is our turn)
Everyone is looking at this chart and thinks: "Same old story – consolidation and now they are going to blast it up"
I don't think SO!
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