Friday, April 16, 2010

Weekend at DDT's #198,092

Humor-125 DDT joked about shedding tears when the smack down began this morning, but I seriously was in tears over here once I absorbed it all. It was the first time I've cried in a long while, because I've become so used to steeling myself from what has felt like the largest heist in economic history. Both of us have genuinely just wanted for all of us to succeed this year, so to see a day like this unfold is beyond description. This group of TTWrs has endured snipes, passive aggressive comments and other snark about being short this tape- you name it- we've not had an easy time of it for many months. Many of us have held our tongue more often than those snipers will ever know, and it hasn't been an easy pill to swallow. On the flip side? The bulls have also endured more than they deserved in many ways by just trying to trade the trend- that's been their cross to bear with those who haven't traded this rally well. It's important beyond anything else that we are on the same team. It doesn't have to be the same page, but the same team is all that counts. And maybe this is a one day event- I mean.. we don't know what comes next, but days like this are truly a gift for those of us who stand by watching this joke of a tape day after day, listening to blatant lies and deception through it all. This gift today is ours to keep after countless hours of research and sharing. Yes, the money is great of course, but for some of us this goes way, way beyond the money. Some of us actually care about truth, justice and the good guy finishes first, not last. You'll note that this group is chock full of people from around the world who share that same spirit- it's not pinned to one country - it's something you're born with. If that's trading with emotion, so be it. I'd rather trade with emotion and reality based thinking than be an empty shell of a human being any day of the week. I don't need my epitah to say, " She traded like a machine." Big deal, and no thanks.

Early on in the year I posted this video/song below and said it would be my anthem for the new year, and so it remains. You have all remained as sane as you possibly could, encouraging each other with true commraderie- good on all of us for that. This is a humble zone - and you'd be hard pressed to find that elsewhere in the blog-o-sphere, but that's what makes this little cave shine. DDT and I have both wondered whether trading was even worth it anymore- whether trying to keep the blog going was worth it. Days like this pretty much answer that question for both of us. We'll have more days of doubt, and more days like this too, but we've at least stuck it out through some pretty mind bending times, to say the least. For me- you have been a real rock in more ways than you'll ever possibly know. What an inspiration you are. Many, many thanks to all of you. We once again have some newbies this week- we welcome you all and hope you'll enjoy what we've all been spoiled with since DDT let us run amok on his blog over here.

Go enjoy your weekend traders... and take a minute if you had a good day to go hug someone you love... or a perfect stranger if that's all that's handy. Pay it forward. Well done.

P.S.- share your charts if you are so inclined.. I'll be back on Sunday with my own chart stash too. We'll huddle and re-group for the week ahead as best as we can.

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