Monday, April 05, 2010

Black swans, ducks and cats



Have not heard "black swan" prognostication for quite a while now, and beside – that is kind of boring label as related to stock market.  So I have decided to expect "banana peel" event or, upon serious consideration, gave preference to black kitty-kitty-pussy cat event. "The worst is totally behind us" – if they say it on TV – it must be the truth, why should I worry – I'll party like there is no tomorrow – no tomorrow when the loaf of bread will cost 2 million dollars and it will be baked by $2,000 robot.  All we will have to do is party and keep borrowing yet another trillion dollars for popcorn…


Most of my trading time now is dedicated to foiling around Natural Gas long trade (that was the post, but I was talking about it for few days prior with expectations of entering long trade around 3.90 – Goldmanites decided to join and provided much needed selloff for better entry) – in and out in and out – I am an action junkie and, after seen my profits evaporated in the blink of an eye on a lot of trades lately – I prefer to keep my money in the pocket …in the brokerage account between the trades.


These are weekly charts, they all look amazingly similar, all on week 8 of sell setups, will it happen? when will it happen? how deep selloff is going to be?  Your guess is as good as mine – I am taking this market one day at a time.


2010-04-05_2107 2010-04-05_2106_002
2010-04-05_2106_001 2010-04-05_2106


We all saddened by Special K's decision to concentrate more on trading as oppose to "public service of blogging" – I am really surprised that she made a choice to make money to pay the bills, I really thought she is trading just to be privileged by ability to hangout with such a good company as TTWers and her mortgage company never sends her a bill…same for utility company…I am very unpleasantly surprised…


On a serious note – we all hope that whatever circumstances caused her to take time away from blogging they will be resolved with the best possible results – we all love you Keirsten!!!


Now, in order for me not to go quietly into the night and continue to post and provide nice clean place to hangout and concentrate on trading as oppose on diet pills like they do at SOH or fake underwear like they do at HOB – I really need volunteers posters who can rise up to the challenge once in a while…  If YOU think you are such person – drop me an email…


Trade well, see you all during my next post on …let me see my calendar… uh-ha! – April 23rd works for me…so long…so long … as long as sponsors' ads are not ignored…


Here is for your listening pleasure – my favorite: Patricia Kaas - Mon Mec a Moi




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