Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kindergarten full of bulls



(there is NOTHING about stock market in this post – so you are free not to waste your time reading it)

It never cease to amuse how full of self pride Bulls are. After every single up day (and there are plenty of those) they hug and kiss and lick and suck and talk and cheer and everyone is coming up with yet another upward looking pattern and when it does not work – some "other pattern" does work.

But yet, when they have to call downside target or better yet to spot the turn – they ALL fail.


I truly don't know if I am more annoyed by one sidedness of the market or these bullshitos getting together patting each other on the back. 


I have tried to stay away from a lot of biased blogs, was banned in the past for criticizing people like Tim Knight, but right now I am really getting fed up with all encompassing bullish arrogance.

The ONLY credit that bulls might claim is that entire rotten dying corrupt system trying to support its very existence with unlimited money supply just in order to reanimate that forever dead perception that "capitalism and as a biggest part of it – USA – is still alive and kicking"

Earnings don't matter, chart patterns don't matter, political parties don't matter, nothing matters – yo – bulls – it is not because you are so smart – it is because you ignorant enough to the suffering of majority of people in what some people are arrogant enough to call "the richest country on Earth". 

Most of you missed June /July correction and equally got screwed up on July 11th bottom because you all were expecting pretty H&S pattern to play out, most of you did not spot January top…equally you, bullshitos, did not spot February 5th bottom.

And – the only chart that most of you, bulls, needed from the March 2nd when you were nowhere to be found because ALL of you were crying and hiding and I called The Bottom is THIS.  You are all saved by the bell, but it will NOT ring forever.



End of rant (toilet paper for bulls provided free of charge)


THIS is NOT capitalism, this is OLIGARCY – and I think even fat and lazy about to had enough…

P.S. Of course it is not bulls who irritate me, but rather arrogant, always right people…

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