Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Chart of about to be rotten (?) Apple ( AAPL) #2

Below is an original post dated May 30th 2008

Picture worth a thousand words, take a GOOD look at weekly AAPL chart with DeMark buy/sell signals and DeMark trendlines - I think that depending on today's ( 5/30/08) close Bear might just have another New Year's present. I am short AAPL, RIMM, QQQQ


On a positive note I have to express my admiration for CNBC who...s who try really hard to "keep straight face during the loosing game" - that is what they getting paid for - right?


[END OF ORIGINAL POST dated May 30th 2008]



And here is today's "Picture worth a thousand words" chart.  It is right before market open and does not show the last pop of the last crapomania [tulipmania?] producer on the planet stupid.  At least there is plenty of this type of crap…but friend of mine is waiting for 2 month for his preordered Mossberg Tactical 12GA.  Interesting…



But… don't worry, be happy, sink smiling…

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