Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sell a billion for a dollar – good deal!

I've been having a very tough time lately trying to figure out – who BO reminds me and here it hits me - "THe wiz Kid who for only $49.95 will sell you the secret how he made 84Million dollars in one year"
And this realization fills in all the blanks and makes me feel sorry for people who fall prey to the very same type of promises to make them rich and happy with no efforts or thinking from their side.  Sucker is born every minute and too bad I always underestimate the stupidity of humanity, I am no Einstein indeed.

Speaking of stock market – OpEx week is over tomorrow, GOOG cooled down after close, futures down so far, but like weather in New England it might change in 5 minutes, VIX completed countdown 13 (and concurrent setup buy as well)
 2010-04-15_2035 Not to repeat a lot of charts, but weekly charts have lined up full of sells (Bulls call those "breakouts" and in "normal" market they getting their guts handled to them with fresh blood when they try to play those so close to corresponding TDST lines.  But this is not the normal market – it is the battle for survival of cornered animal and we know what such animal capable of doing…anything and everything.
Interestingly enough – I don't know who I am sick of more – BullShit market or GoodKids BullShitos who's got all their lives planned for them even before they were brought into this stinky world – the very same assholes who think that minimum wages are bad for business.  My friend FU asks such people – have you tried to survive on that? 
What can I say – I am as disgusted with Bulls now as I was annoyed by Idiot bears back in March 2009.
On a positive note – huge Thank You to all regulars on Disqus – to every single one, this is a great team and not a single one bringing bad vibes even when one's stated opinion is in contradiction to "majority way".

Good joP chaps!

And as an added bonus enjoy (IF you capable of understanding an irony of coming to USA from USSR and seeing the same shit in the different country)

here is the link to striking similarities portrayed by young Robin Williams – please, DO read subtitles.

Full Movie Moscow on the Hudson
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