Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's been great while it lasted

I am talking about that silly annoying rally of hopium, but this is as far as it goes, it stops right here, right now.

The most powerful subclass of equities, non stoppable Small Cap #A hitting the brick wall of Weekly TDST at 751.66.  Today or what is very unlikely, tomorrow, we have seen the highest close of if.


D-wave daily


And, surprisingly (update on EURO) - /6E closed today way above low and right at that yellow trendline…interesting…


And last, but not least – beginning tomorrow I will be 100% absent from DISQUS while I have any trades on – I finally realized that my trading (as some of you recall I have severe case of ADD and can barely handle one decision at a time ) and chatting during the day are 100% incompatible and cost me




in opportunities lost.

Sorry gang – that is MY PERSONAL PROBLEM and that is The Only way to deal with that.

(charts requests, chat, opinions – I am here at nights)

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