Thursday, April 08, 2010

It don't mean a thing

 2010-04-08_1603 All you got to do is swing!              (Lazy post)


Anyone wishing to capture the mindset of the lemmings that still desire to be front run by every imaginable SkyNet algo out there, needs to read no further than this list prepared by the Daily Bell (h/t Michael Pento)







It's BULLISH No Matter What! ...
The price of oil is rising – BULLISH! More profits for the energy companies, and more investments in "clean energy."
Most of the new jobs created in March were part-time or temporary – BULLISH! Since the economy has turned the corner full-time job offers are practically a sure thing.
But didn't wages go down too? – BULLISH! Revenues - Costs = Profits!
41 states have revenue shortfalls – BULLISH! Various states have always complained about shortfalls. It's another sign that things are getting back to normal.
8 million people are still unemployed – BULLISH! That's 8 million spenders, not savers.
Interest rates are rising – BULLISH! Yet another sign that the economy is getting stronger.
Stocks may be going up but on very low volume – BULLISH! That means the "dumb money" hasn't even bought into this rally yet.
People have a lot of concerns and uncertainty about the future – BULLISH! Not until the "wall of worry" ends will this party be over.


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