Friday, February 26, 2010

Weekend at DDT's # 3,569

We made it to the weekend! It was almost merciful to hear that ending bell this afternoon, wasn't it? Just to make it even more tortuous the tape gave nothing much to trade, and left things once again in limbo. That's fine, we'll start all over again next week and be right back in the groove. There are several overlapping cycle dates from various methodologies in the next several days; everything from important Gann dates to the full moon if you follow it, so perhaps although all seems well on the surface, there's something else around the corner.

Although we usually do a lot of charts on the weekends, I thought you might enjoy a very good video on harmonic patterns. This is nearly an hour long video, packed with specifics that should clear up questions and curiosity about Gartleys, batwings, butterfly and more... and you'll learn how to measure them and make projections. If you'd like to start applying this to your trading in conjunction with your other TA preferences, click here to watch the video, as presented by

We also have Zig's fine family of T charts below for you to look over for the next few days. Zig, nobody does it better! Thank you so much!

Other than that... no matter what happens each week on this tape, I can't think of a better group of co-workers and collaborators I'd rather hang with every day, so thank you as always for all of the contributions- even when things get beyond tough. Let's look forward to next week, find time to do something other than charts over the weekend (yeah, right.. in our dreams,) and we'll meet back here on Sunday night for a huddle. MoneyFarm has really been carrying his weight with individual picks lately, and maybe we can come up with Plan B on days like today when we anticipate low volume and a lackluster tape. Even on days like this, there were stocks moving in a big way and someone taking home the profits.. let's make that be us! Thanks everybody! (Thanks DDT for giving us this playground every day ;-) Last one out turn off the lights..... P.S. Osi, don't scare me like that again- this nuthouse wouldn't be the same without you.

zig collision chart zig indu 2 26 zig diamonds
For a very special person who understands my crazy life….

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