Wednesday, February 24, 2010

10 rules for position sizing

Ed Seykota - 10 rules for position sizing

Ten rules for position sizing:

1. Bet high enough to make meaningful profits when you win. 

2. Bet low enough so you are ok financially and psychologically when you lose.    

3.  If (1) and (2) don't overlap, don't trade.

4. Don't go adding a bunch of rules that don't work, just so you have ten rules.

Speaking of "Don't go adding a bunch of…" – there is nothing to say, nothing really new or surprising, we set on downside, we survived today's … to say it politely… "Witch hunt", "short rules for long John Q. Public", "convulsive moves of clinically dead market" … and I heroically {temporary} won the battle for normal blog functioning (it has been a while since my "techy" days). Market ended up, futures falling down, we are going in that direction..yes – that one..why are you keep asking?


The answer I'd like to know:

"What do you like more - Keirsten's hand crafted/counted D-Wave chart of (FCX) or that really ugly girl?"

{For the record – I've never seen anything more beautiful than Special K's chart…}


"Ugly girl"


"Special K's Beautiful Chart"



P.S. How dare are you to ask what this post has got to do with "position sizing" or "any "sizing"


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