Monday, February 08, 2010

Viva la Vida!

The chase is back on. This is the third weak Monday in a row, but remember last Tuesday we saw the tape run up, so keep that in mind. Today was the first day since November 4, 2009 the Dow closed under 10K, so that's quite a change. Below you'll find charts from both Osi and Zig, and DDT has a video on the way too, so be on the lookout for that. I'll go over charts later on to check gaps/resistance/support and share them in the posts. What a great job by everyone today! If you don't think team work brings good results, then you haven't been hanging around TTW long enough, but we hope you will. Please use caution if you're trying to trade any bounces, I tried that stunt last week if you'll all remember, and it wasn't my most stellar trading move. If perchance we make a second approach tomorrow at the 200 EMA, pay close attention to the volume and your candles, this would be knock #2. Thank you as always, Osi and Zig for your charts!

Osi’s Charts

2010-02-08_1616 osi 2

Zig’s T-theory Charts
zig 1 zig 2

FX Traders: this song brought me very good luck today, so hopefully it will serve you well tonight. Welcome back to Fujisan too.. she’s an FX trader extraordinaire! Go get ‘em FX team!

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