Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Trading Limbo

Wednesday gave us no resolution on direction, but we're all sitting on the edge of our seats as the indices are hitting resistance points and making TD counts galore. Perhaps we get a nice gap down in the morning, but this is OPEX, and anything goes until we hear the bell on Friday.  Below are a few FX charts, as well as current looks at GS and AAPL.  If I have to look at another chart of SPX I might never look again. 


On the economic calendar tomorrow:  before the bell- PPI and Jobless Claims, 10:00 will include Leading Indicators and the Philly Fed Survey.  10:30 will be the Nat Gas report (go Mau and Big) and at 11:00 the Petroleum Status report.  11:00 includes the 3/6 mo. notes, 2/5/7 yr. notes and finally, the 30 yr TIPS.  Looking ahead to Friday will be CPI at 8:30 AM, and of course OPEX. 


Earnings tomorrow can be found at this link to monitor.  Notables include: before the bell- APA, ABX, GT, MGM, NBL, RS, TRA and WMT.  Post session includes: FSLR, DELL, BUCY, INTU and SQNM



dx_feb_17_close eurusd_feb_17_close
qqqq_feb_17 aapl_feb_17
gs_feb_17 gdx_feb_17_001


Good trading to our FX traders tonight!  Whip ‘em good! 

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