Friday, February 26, 2010

Getting back AT the stock market




Yesterday's action was… wonderful for those who were positioned short going into the market open …and who were smart enough to take profits.


I am dumb and I did not take over 20% profit on my options account (I have different account for everything – I just don't remember where they are)


Profits I did take saved my sanity when, after I got home after lunch, I saw now only retracement to reasonable levels, but briefly some shades of green on ($SPX)


As much as I wanted to say that the game is rigged, that all crooks deserve to go to jail, that GuberMint which is supported by only 20% of population they govern should get the hell out of the way, peacefully pretty  Don't want to stop looting?  Not until Stopped?  OK… duly noted… So, as much as I wanted to do something which would be conveniently rationalized by human emotions – I did squawk, nada, zilch… I just sat there for a long time and tried to understand – what part of my brains temporary stopped functioning yesterday?  Normally when I have HUGE on the spot profits – I take it and run (I played Blackjack in the past life and some casinos were not very happy to see me).  Not yesterday….


AnyHOO – I did get back AT the market utilizing The Only Way I can afford to do that – picture is right above – you get the picture. (I kind of have small stinky bathroom – could not take that picture straight…or may be…just wanted to get out!)



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