Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chart of Da Valentine Day

171 9888159
04 8119106

[Mole is going to laugh his … bottom off if he sees those pics]

Don’t forget to say “Happy Valentine Day” to your women, men, partners, goats, tax collectors and sanitation workers;  you can afford to be dishonest demonstrating extreme happiness in the process of doing something you would not even remember about if not for delicate reminding (during the last 2 months) by amazing creatures called “better halves” (sometimes “thirds” and in extreme cases “quarters”).
Shall you forget to do what we all do (lie right in face of the person dearest to you) – your personal life will go according to Douala’s DeMark-ian chart of the day with alternate TDSequential Countdown Sell extended to Bar 14 (notttin wrong wiD Dat)

Feb 14
And to make your life even easier – here is a free practical advice to all of you on selecting proper gift:
Buy 3 of the “same” with increasing quality and price – start giving from the cheapest one (you did not expect your other half to be happy right away – did you?)

Give few second for disappointment to sink in (- for men, since women will be unhappy even before she sees your gift),
gently pull initial "bait” out of the hands of formerly beloved
reach into your other pocket and issue mid quality crap
now be really attentive – your next move might save you some money
if expression of unhappiness on the face of your opponent will transition into “it is still crap, but at least I can return it and get some cash” mask – you might stop on the mid range gift and happily return cheap and really expensive crap back to where you bought it (you might even do your life/sex/fight partner a favor by returning the gift that was accepted – you know where you bought after all – right?)

Happy …whatever day that is…!


2009-10-04_1931 DDT Here, Saturday Feb 13th, 7:00PM EST
There is something about my personality that does not let me to let you to enjoy beautiful Valentine Day’s post/pictures, therefore, after getting bored with massaging blog’s XML template I decided to throw few charts your way.  (IWM) show tonight – for some reason I don’t chart it as often as it deserves.

(IWM) iShares Russell 2000 Index Weekly
Confirmed downtrend, ongoing TDSetup Buy bar 5, possible w-5 down started (or w-2 of new sequence up)


(IWM) iShares Russell 2000 Index Daily
Confirmed Uptrend, ongoing TDSetup Sell bar 3, momentum move up started off TD Risk level of prior TDSetup Buy, possible w-B of sequence up  (or w-2 of new sequence down)

(IWM) iShares Russell 2000 Index 90 minutes
Possible Uptrend exhaustion, completed TDSetup Sell bar 9 on Friday’s close right close to prior TDST Resistance (slightly above), momentum move up started off TD Risk level of prior TDSetup Buy, wave structure is unclear at the moment.

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