Thursday, February 04, 2010

We “Nailed” Her!!! or "Wave well caught"


Oh yes we did! And if some people did not like the look of her or how she behaved before she gave up completely – that is their loss and our gain.

Feels damn good!  Thou I have to admit that I abandoned “nailing” a little prematurely (getting old I suppose), but I definitely enjoyed watching my friends continue to nail her.  Good job guys!  True fighters who is not afraid to nail w5 all the way down to the floor!


Lets talk a little history.

Today, instead of usual pumping my horn I’d like to start from reminding the quick post of our newly found DeMark-ian compadre Wallfly.


On January 29th in the Disqus comments he wrote (his chart follows)

Here's an update on that D-Wave thing I got myself into. It should be coming to an end soon, most likely Monday, then we can expect a retrace of some sort. The chart is pretty much self-explanatory so I suspect anyone can read and understand it. Anyway, enjoy your weekend. :))


To fully appreciate that work of art you need to understand that even if fly has 6 hands (I have never been good in biology, I don’t even know if is is zoology I am talking about) it takes a lot of efforts, precision, concentration to count D-Wave by hands and do it for multiple timeframes.  Please, read annotations on the chart – you will learn a lot. 


Below is my current as of right now chart with materialized wave 5 down on 15 min chart, the one that we nailed.




[while was in the process of making this “in the rush” video – realized that I am not making my point…too late to redo – one vague video coming right up]


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