Thursday, February 25, 2010

More of the Usual

.. is back in town. What can be said that wasn't already noted in the posts today? Days like this really do try the souls of men (and women,) but we pick up, regroup and take what we get tomorrow. Hopefully it won't involve another can of whoop. From rumors about the purchaser(s) of the IMF gold to Obama's proposal to ban all foreclosures, (that's right folks, not only will they make sure stocks never go down again, but now they want to make it illegal to be foreclosed on. That ought to make banks anxious to make new home loans, right?) it was one of "those" days we've seen all too often. Who cares how it was manipulated, it happened, case closed. The bear was scalped again.  Brush yourselves off and be ready to trade tomorrow with your best skills and a positive mind-set at the ready.  That’s how we trade around here, and exactly the reason we indeed have had a better year overall.  “Since the house is on fire let us warm ourselves.”  ~Italian Proverb   Capiche?  Me too…  ;-)  FX traders, we don’t thank you enough for your watchful eyes, so here’s a big thanks to you all, and good trading to you tonight!  To some of our newbies, Hibernatin’, loser, SoulJester, Gump.. and all of the rest:  welcome on board, we look forward to your contributions. 

On the economic calendar tomorrow:
Before the bell: GDP, followed by Chicago PMI and Consumer Sentiment at 9:45. Existing Home Sales Data will be released at 10:00 AM.

indu_2_25 iwm_feb_25
gdxgld_feb_25 qqqq_feb_25
cpce_feb_25 nyupv_feb_25

Sing it loud, TTWrs! 


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