Saturday, August 14, 2010

Weekly Sector Report | 08/13/10 (by Leisa)

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It was an ugly week in the market with the Total Stock Market Index down by 4.2%--Ugly if you are a bull.  It was a fantastic week for the bears.  Telecommunications was the sector down the least.  As you might guess, the search for yield is on again, and some telecommuncation issues are staid dividend payers.


Though outside the scope of this post, past dividends do not always equal current dividends.  Make sure that you conduct reasonable due diligence to evaluate the quality and ability of continuance of dividends.


One of my long-time blog friends, MarkM, pointed out that preferred shares were a superb performer.  Here's a chart of PFF.

Here are the sectors with the highest relative volume. You can view the entire table here.
ZBB and DYN were the two biggest contributors to this sector's relative volume performance.
Here are the sectors with the highest short interest.  You can view the entire table here
If you wish to scroll through all of the sector charts and drill down for greater detail, you can do so by following THIS LINK.


I wish you good trading this week.  I also want to thank my friends here for their supportive feedback on my 'lament' post.  It mean much to me.

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