Thursday, August 05, 2010

Are You Shovel Ready?

No, not for a job- for tomorrow's manure UE number. What happened to all those shovel ready jobs, btw? We now have 40.8 million.. say that again.. forty point eight MILLION people on food stamps. Hopey, changey, shoot me green -we've been saved, hallelujah.

Back to business- a few charts from our trifecta watch, and I have an interesting video for you about the September VIX options. I’ve also snapped the screen of those options so you can see the volume today and current open interest if you don’t have access to view them via your own platform.


spx_eod_8_5 hg_eod_8_5
rja_8_5 gold_eod_8_5
dollar_eod_8_5 gann_8_5


Good trading to us all tomorrow, and may we all prosper as much as Inna, so that Big will let us all move to his house. jajajaja!

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