Friday, August 06, 2010

Weekend Respite

Let's see if you can figure out which hut is mine. :-)

I really don't have a lot to say as my brain is charted out and ready to look at anything but more charts for a few days. I have a couple of things below to share with you, and I've also plugged in the April 21st peak high on the Gann calculator for some interesting dates ahead to watch for in the weeks ahead.

While we watched the usual shenanigans from the hooligans this afternoon, we did not close on the high tick like we did through most of last week’s ramp job. Not a sign of strength, but we’ll see what they decide to pull on Monday. The daily charts should give us better clues at that point.

Have a restful, fun weekend out there. Next week maybe we'll have enough money to pack it in and head on over to Big's and start construction on our compound. Thank you one and all for your hard work- that’s why I love this blog- everyone pulls their weight and pitches in. You’re the best in my book. ;-) A special message to TWD out there- we miss you and hope you’re having fun. Hurry back!

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You know it's true
All the things you do come back to you…..

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