Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer Hiatus

Well TTWrs, today begins a summer hiatus for me from TTW. I have permission and blessings from our Russian Godfather. I know you’ll all do a great job of keeping the plates spinning here with DDT. I've been blogging almost non-stop since late last summer and one of the advantages to trading is you get to make your own hours and call the shots. I need to take advantage of that while the weather is nice and the beach is beckoning me. I will be away between 3-4 weeks, getting some needed projects done at TTW South, taking a trip to the West Indies where the computers are few and the cell phone reception is horrible (hooray!,) and I'll also be headed for some time on the West Coast. Of course I'll be trading in the middle of everything- some of my best trades have been in the middle of layovers amongst loud kids, a howling cat in a travel case and carry-ons.

In between I will pop in when I can and make sure you're all being kind and generous to each other. That is, and will always be, the hallmark of this blog, along with sharing our methods and systems, because otherwise what good are they if you’re keeping it all to yourself? We’ve all learned that the risk/reward is fantastic and giving and giving and giving a little more. It’s why we’re here day after day, and surely why I admire you all so very much. Sure you can feel satisfied that you’re banking coin by yourself, but I guarantee you, you won’t feel less money by spreading your trading “wealth/knowledge,” even a little. Take Osi, for example. He could do like others and bundle his indicators and put a price on them, but he just endlessly creates and gives. I love him for that, and I know you all do too. Also, a big public thanks to GG for his post and taking time to do that for all of us. It was great, GG, and I'm glad no one has to look at George's moobs now for awhile. ;-)

P.S. Do yourselves a favor and stay away from the negative news as much as you can filter it out. Save visits to ZH and the rest for the weekends when you absolutely cannot trade anyway. Hold on to your personal power, unless of course you're willing to give that away to the kleptocracy too? I didn't think so. Trade your very best, I know you will.

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P.S.S. I'll see you soon. :-)

For those of you who know my code: 143, and I'll miss you very much.

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