Monday, August 16, 2010

You can('t) take this to the bank

I am not an economist and not pretending to be – if I was I would not be using charts, but would try to explain yesterday with smartly massaged funny-mentals.

SO looking at the chart of 30 years US Treasury Bond Futures I can not explain to myself why is that if "crisis is over" and "the worst is behind us" (I am not even referring to economic recovery, but just observing state of credit) why is that people are pushing premiums up to 2007 "End of the financial world" level?


Unless DeMark knows more than I do (and it is truthfully so) and weekly Sell setup



Combined with Daily Sell Setup (it terminates Sell Countdown since it was in the process during it) right at TDST



will produce yield spike – I have very mixed feelings about safety of out fiscal policies…someone – can we declare FED obsolete?  They have not done anything except for bailing out their buddies – when enough is enough?

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