Sunday, August 15, 2010

Strange times

On August 4th, just to prove that being a Trading To Win "Member" has no value (I've been sarcastic indeed) I urged "Members" to cancel subscriptions due to my even more limited participation in blog life… some did bail out and canceled (but I will not remove anyone from the Members List for as long as there are spots available), so on August 4th I posted

where I was bragging about dollar instantaneously changing direction – funnily enough – it DID.  Also I was laughing out loud at "Crude Breakout on NO VOLUME" – what do I know – it just plunged immediately!!!


Could have been good trades….coulda-woulda-shoulda…definitely worth $15 wooden dollars per month.



Today's chart Crude chart – watch out for that 133 line!



Dollar – observe gray area2010-08-15_2014

Damn Golden Fork!


Taste of Monday – INTEREST RATES!!!

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