Tuesday, January 05, 2010

What now? Now we wait… (SPX), (SPY)

ifeel12hh  Back in August 2009, no matter how difficult that was to write something like that (when everyone was expecting “immediate" continuation of collapse”) I wrote at SP500 DeMark D-Wave page of .com site (to prevent repetition of the very same questions):
wA completed yet again, wB is in progress with possible completion of minimum requirements for WB in November 2009.   “Possible completion of minimum requirements”…that is the word and not "completion ". 
September/October monthly closes might be higher OR lower than August close, but as long as November's close will be the highest of 8 months - bingo - we got wB printed.
I AM a curious George, but none of my trades ever lasted for years and this is as much attention as Monthly D-Wave will receive from me.  Below is a chart of current state of D-Wave Monthly. The only thing I will have to add is that there might be TDSetup 9 Sell completed in January 2010 - when definite top for this rally might take place

Not to overlook that (SPX) 1120 target was introduced right here on July 9th …

It does not matter if DeMark methods work better or our corrupt Gubermint uses DeMark services to apply pressure when outcome may be amplified/changed – but now is January and SPX is in the vicinity of 1120 (1136.52 as of today’s close)

What NOW?

I suddenly found myself in the position “I have no desire to continue to look for the signs of long awaited January selloff” based on

1. TDSetup Sell Monthly 9 (perfected on bar 8 in December and it is here to stay unless SPX will close January below 992)

2. TDSetup Sell Weekly 9 ( part of 9-13-9 setup)

3. Fibonacci Extension 161.8% (off high/low of wave A or 1 – whichever you like) right here at 1135.10
4. Bearish rising wedge (those yellow lines)
5. Continuing descent from one Fibonacci fan level to yet another lower.

6. Completed today Countdown 13 sell and possible Combo Sell tomorrow (today was 12) – when I use NinjaTrader charts I get totally different setups a lot, but I trust it more than screwed to the extremes ThinkOrSwim data (according to TOS staff they have been typing in closing prices for futures for a while now – their data vendor “having problems” – what would you expect from TDAmeritrade that got rid of short interest data  long time ago and Advanced Analyzer become practically unusable)


7. The most severe failure swing I’ve seen in a long time

In spite of all aforementioned I have become “numb” (that is how Keirsten put it in reply to my email when I started to complain about “loss of interest”)

May be this is the time, the time when even the most stubborn male on Earth (I am Taurus after all) is not interested in shorting this market and all I really want from it is to hear something similar to these famous last words:
“A king should die standing.” —King Louis XVIII (1755—1824).”

May be this is what this market wants… “to die standing”, I think it is tired of being manipulated, who knows – it might just pull few [not such] good people with it…

What do I know – I am just a gigolo of this market…whatever pays…

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