Thursday, January 14, 2010

Coitus Uninterruptus

6510638 That is all I wanted to say.  Have a nice day, folks.


What? You feel cheated? Who gives, really, like it is a first time and the last time, you got used to it long time ago and you were cheating all your life too. Yes, you, personally. No?  Hmm – what about when you were hired because your handshake was better and teeth whiter?  Anyone gave a flying fart about another candidate whose KNOWLEDGE was WAY ABOVE yours? Oh, shut the …hell up – another candidate was REALLY MUCH BETTER. 

Facades, facades, paint your house’s front and let the back blacken and inside rot – who gives – neighbors will say “Look, it’s a nice house!”

When was the last time anyone really cared about honesty? 

And people complain about market going up on “WORSENING” news? (I did not say “bad news” – because that is what market does – goes up on bad news depending on when and how)

You want to be told the truth?  DO you really want to hear the truth?  You might be very unpleasantly surprised and wish you never knew the truth.

Pissed off about lies surrounding you?  Let me rephrase: “Pissed off about lies you surrounded yourself with?”  Stop blaming leaders, economists, bosses, spouses – look at WHO YOU ARE first.  And WE are all bunch of whining liars and we are getting what we deserved and we are ruled by the “best” we could produce and tolerate.

So, stop calling news lies…


Not lies, alterations. Sometimes truth does not fit.


P.S. Don’t you wish I did not do this post?

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