Tuesday, January 12, 2010

“Right here…at X”

651_4_91_2007   Very interesting day today
EOD ram job (not really EOD - as many have pointed - totally normal buy on 15minutes - what was not "normal" - TDST of prior buy setup was not reached, nice for a change)




2010-01-12_1854 Bear treat – this is a first time in a while when move up off buy signal failed to come remotely close to TDST resistance of initiating buy setup on bar 9 of current setup (that’s OK – I am confusing myself too)


Secondly – gap was not filled


By the way – please correct SPX 01/11 bar’s low to 1142.02 in TOS charts (and Prophet as well)

SPX closed under Countdown’s risk level of 1141.74, RSI is not able to hold above 60 (bull land per se)



And all of that after that humongous Bollinger Bands Squeeze that was going on forever…well for all of those monotonous 3 months…


2010-01-12_1901 Beside that – all weekly/monthly counts stand, thou daily had bearish price flip and today was bar 1 of buy setup.


Finally – shorter term view – my weird, but trusted and true 18min chart – looks like we have just completed wA, tomorrow wB and who knows – may be we’ll have spectacular wC into OpX


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